LED Dome And Bullets

  • Safety and surveillance have become a part of everyday survival. To keep the safety of the surrounding and other confidential settings, certain surveillance products are essential.
  • Krish LED Dome and Bullets are able to capture high quality images in poor light environment.
  • Krish LED Dome and Bullets and the supporting accessories are designed to exhibit high technical features that enable the pro-like vision of everything around.
  • These cameras let the user view the recording via mobile phones or computers.
  • They provide a high-definition vision that can provide with infrared red cameras for night vision as well.
  • There is a wide-angle camera facility that lets the user cover a wide area into its frame. Even the slightest details will not be missed with the high-definition and wide-angle camera.
  • There are many wireless CCTV cameras available under this brand that allows the device to transmit the footage without the help of a cable.
  • This makes it easy for the user to view a video quickly by accessing an app or cloud storage. All it requires is to view the footage is the internet connection and digital connection.
  • The feature that makes the IP camera stand out is the motion detection that alerts the user when there is a movement in the frame.